The  Republicans in the House of Representatives lost several seats, mostly extreme right-wing, to the Democrats. The Democrats also gained seats in the Senate. Barack Obama won the presidency by popular majority and by electoral vote. 60+% of all Americans believe that folks with incomes over $250,000 should have their tax rates increased.

As Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is the elected leader of the GOP. NOT Grover Norquist and his shady financiers of  ‘Americans for Tax Reform’. NOT the Koch Brothers, the sole owners of one of the largest privately held conglomerates in the world. NOT Karl Rove and his Big Bucks Buddies from the Beltway. NOT Rupert Murdock and his minions at News Corp., the controllers of the vast media giant which includes the Wall St. Journal, the Fox TV network, the National Geographic Channel, and a  number of our newspapers. Boehner is the leader of the Republicans.

I believe that it is incumbent upon Speaker Boehner to lead his caucus and his party to enact the will of the people at this important time for our Nation.Older man musing



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