Attending the political rally for Amanda Curtis the other day, brought home to me the huge contrast between the two candidates for US Senate.

  • The Curtis campaign is financed by a grassroots organization. Whereas, the Daines campaign is hugely funded by big East Coast money from the likes of the billionaire Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and his big bucks buddies from the beltway, and multimillionaire Daines’ own campaign stash.
  • Amanda Curtis is offering to debate Steve Daines at anytime. His campaign, on the other hand, is making all kinds of excuses not to debate.
  • The Curtis campaign is a down home person to person approach to garnering votes from the Montana electorate. Whereas, The Daines campaign relys on slick costly brochures (some paid for by you and I as taxpayers), and huge pricey road signs.

A good example of  how slick and well funded the Daines campaign is, took place at the gathering for Amanda at the MSU campus in Bozeman last Tuesday. The Daines backers hired a videographer to record the whole affair. Not only did he record the event but he made it a point to keep his camera in her face as she talked individually to her supporters. Actually, I think these antics were designed to frustrate Amanda but the maneuver didn’t work. He was just being obnoxious, reflecting the demeanor of her opponents campaign.Amanda Curtis


  Photo by Hallie Rugheimer

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to shake hands and speak a few words with US Senate candidate Amanda Curtis. It was at a rally on the campus of Montana State University.

Meeting a candidate, who has benefited from Pell Grants to get a higher education, who still owes about 20 Grand on her student loans, who is paying a mortgage on her modest home, was quite a refreshing experience.

Her talk was short and to the point.

I think that, unlike her opponent multimillionaire Steve Daines, she is not in the pockets of such organizations as the Koch Brother’s Americans for Prosperity (the brothers prosperity), the US Chamber of Commerce, or Karl Rove and his big bucks buddies from the beltway.

Her grassroots campaign brings a breath of fresh air back into Montana politics.Amanda Curtis


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Ryan Zinke, far right GOP candidate for congress, spends most of his time bragging about having been a Navy Seal team leader. He even seems to suggest that he was somewhat involved in the capture of Osama bin Ladin. He rides around our state in a big bus emblazoned with the emblem of the Navy Seals.

I would think that with all of his ‘Bluff and Bluster’ he would jump at the chance to debate his opponent John Lewis. But, NO, he uses the limp excuse of ‘scheduling difficulties’ to back out of such a tough confrontation.

Where is the Macho in that?Jack 2012 cropped



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I found it quite interesting that as soon as Amanda Curtis was chosen to run for the US Senate seat against GOP candidate Steve Daines, the Montana Republican Party came out with an attack ad against her. The ad contained snippets from her U-Tube postings that she produced in order to keep her constituents updated during the last session of the Montana Legislature. These snippets were taken completely out of context.

I’ve looked at many of her postings and found them to be frank, on message and well delivered. After sitting in session all day and evening, I was amazed that she had the energy and clear mindedness to make those videos. No wonder that those on the far right are dipping into the bottom of the barrel so early.

Yesterday I read an article in our local paper entitled ‘Daines: New candidate won’t change campaign’. In the piece AP reporter Matt Volz wrote that ‘Daines emphasized that he would fight for union jobs’. WOW!!  If that isn’t a change in campaign, I don’t know what is. Better be careful, Steve. Your actions do speak much louder than your words.Jack 2012 cropped



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This past weekend The Montana Democratic Party chose Amanda Curtis to run for the US Senate against multi-millionaire Steve Daines.

She is a young, intelligent, vigorous high school teacher. Her legislative background will serve her well during the campaign and as she becomes a member of that austere body in Washington. Having dealt with teenage school kids in recent years will also help her as she navigates the hallowed halls of Congress.

Here is a woman who is dealing with the reality of paying off school loans and a mortgage. A woman who credits her union background that provided her with health insurance and her government for helping pay for her higher education through Pell Grants.

Like the vast majority of us, she knows what it is like to live in the real world.

I think that she will make a great Senator representing the people of Montana and not the kingmakers of the Beltway.Jack 2012 cropped



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A couple of days ago I received another propaganda piece from Rep. Daines extolling about how wonderful he is. Again, it was about how good he is to vets. Again, you and I, as tax payers, paid to have this piece prepared, published and mailed. His campaign slogan includes the words ‘Less Government’. He talks about wanting less government, yet he has that same government spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for this campaign flyer. The man speaks with forked tongue.

This particular flyer shows him commiserating with a group of Marine Corps vets, with the caption “Rep. Steve Daines discusses veterans issues with Marine Corps veterans”. The Montana Marine Corps League claims that this discussion never happened. If that is the case, I’ll assume that our Rep. Daines is an outright liar. To me, that is not surprising.Jack 2012 cropped



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A couple of weeks ago I received a mailer from Steve Daines my multimillionaire representative in congress. It had something to do about how he is a friend of veterans. Yet, he voted to shut down the government, voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act many times (which has been highly beneficial to families of many veterans). He supports the Ryan budget plan which hurts Medicare and Medicaid, programs that many veteran families depend upon. It didn’t make much sense to me.

THEN, I noticed that this blatant piece of campaign propaganda was paid for by you and me.

Here is this rich guy, with his campaign coffers overflowing, backed by the likes of  Karl Rove and his big bucks buddies from the Beltway,     demanding that we pay for some of his election drivel.

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      Daines & Vets 2




Daines & Vets 1

The family that controls Hobby Lobby wins their law suite concerning a woman’s right to control her reproductive system, based on  religious grounds. Yet, there is nary a word about banning vasectomies and penile enhancing drugs for men.

Is this really about religion and free speech? Or is it their flawed idea that men are superior to women and that the female species must kowtow to them in all sexual matters? Go figure!

I think that most of the male members of the Supreme Court are running scared, for fear that they will lose domination over women.Jack 2012 cropped




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While watching the World Cup matches this past week I noticed that Uruguay’s star Luis Suarez had a huge overbite. Then, a couple of days ago Suarez bit one of his Italian opponents. This wasn’t the first time he’s been caught biting his adversaries.

I really don’t believe that it is his fault. I just think that his Beaver genes have become dominant, surpassing those human traits that most of us have. Poor boy.Jack 2012 cropped



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Spending a couple of weeks in Venice. Great apartment; great weather; wonderful views; good food.


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